Tuesday, January 11, 2011

WHEN YOU ARE NOT WITH ME (11th Jan 2011)

P.S: Missing Mamman ( I used to call her),
who adopted this orphan and showered
her selfless love & care...


Thoughts hit like waves
As moments wash away 
Slipping away under my feet
Eyes searching the horizon
A glimmer of hope
Washes away within
As tears roll down the soft cheeks
I find your smile in tears

*********  ********* *********
Your absence is indeed haunting
Yet, I embrace it with fondness
Your presence by my side
The smile I would die for
I know you are missing 
This very special moment
How I cherish your company
Without you, with you!

*********  *********  *********
I often see you all around
Laughing, teasing and loving
Your open arms inviting
I want to reach out
You laugh, I am sad
Yet again, like a child
I embrace you
The gasp of air just gushes away

*********  *********  *********
In my heart
Deep within
Your engraved presence
Can never be erased
Beating every second
Your name sounds so beautiful
Yes, when you are not with me
It is such a beautiful experience!

Johnny D
20th May 2009

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