Tuesday, December 21, 2010


जब मेरे दिल में दर्द उठा तो, किसी को साथ न पाया मैंने
और एक मैं हूँ  कि हर दर्द-ए-दिल पर मलहम लगता चला गया...

-- स्वरचित --

दुनियावालों से तो भली है मेरी तन्हाई
क्यूँकि जब कभी भी दुनियावालों ने साथ न दिया
मेरी तन्हाई ने गर्मो जोशों से हरदम गले लगाये रखा
महसूस ही होने न दिया
कि मैं दुनियावालों के लिए उस से जुदा था कभी
है अजीब दस्तूर दुनिया का ये भी 'डी'
कुछ सीख ले अपनी तन्हाई से ही सही...

-- स्वरचित --

आज ये दौर शेरों शायरी का
न जाने कब ख़तम होगा
रात तो बीत जाएगी मगर
दर्द-ऐ-दिल का मेरा होगा?

-- स्वरचित --

चांदनी रात है, फिर भी गहरा है ये सन्नाटा
लोग सो रहे हैं बेखबर, मगर मेरा दिल ये रो रहा है क्यों?
एक तड़प है मेरे दिल में ये क्यों
दुनियावाले तो बेखबर ही रहतें हैं हरदम

-- स्वरचित --

दिल का भोझ मैंने शेर लिख कर हल्का करना चाहा था मगर
सोचा नहीं था बयां दर्द-ऐ-दिल रात बार शायर बना डालेगा मुझे
-- स्वरचित -- 

नहीं है ये दर्द-ऐ-दिल 'डी' इश्क का सबब
ऐ दुनियावालों बस यूँ ही दर्द-ऐ-दिल बयां कर रहा हूँ मैं
इश्क होता अगर मुझे तो, इश्क, होता अगर मुझे तो
हर दर्द को चुपचाप सहता चला जाता ये 'डी'
इश्क जूनून बन जाता मेरा
फिर दर्द का बयां 'डी' करता कैसे?

-- स्वरचित -- 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Bombay to Mumbai
The first East Indian traders to
Maharastra Navnirman Sena
Nothing has really changed
Since the last 171 (British Raj) + 61 years (of independence)

Basta hai har Hindustan yahan
Kyunki Hindustan khilta hai yahan
Yeh saher na tumhara ya hamara hai
Yeh saher har Hindustani ka hai
Isi liye toh Hindustan khilta hai yahan

Known as the ‘Dream City’ of dreamers
Achievement, success and failures
Are always on the move to progress
While regression is the sign of one’s failures
The success stories have made the city envious to the world

Bhul dwesh aur jaat-paat ko
26 July ka sadma karta hai ek hum sab ko
Vatavaran shanti ka phir bhaata kyun nahin hum sab ko?
Kya farak hai hum Hindustaniyon aur Angrezon mein
Ghulam ban gaya hai har Hindustani Hindustan mein aaj

Chahe woh gulab ho ya phir chameli
Har phool sundarta ka ek pratik hai
Main tumse sundar hoon
Na kabhi karo iss baat ka ghumaan
Khilne do Hindustan ko ek sundar upvan mein

Hindustan khilta hai yahan
Hindustan khilta hai yahan
Kyunki Mumbai desh ki dhadkan hai
Mumbai har deshwasiyon ka sundar sapna hai
Aao sab mil kar iss upvan ko aur sundar evam shantipriya banayein

Johnny D
6th Feb 2008



I wonder and pity how callous we Indians are in true sense! Imagine…where were these elite educated groups of Mumbaikars when ONE person (Raj Thackeray) took Mumbai at ransom with his MNS party workers… not many days or month ago??? Why no one came forward to unite, and fight the first terrorist within our own country? Why no one asked the CM, and the CENTRE to ask for immediate actions? Why the government officials kept a numb silence when MNS was splitting the nation, creating chaos all over the city???

(M)y (N)ation (S)plits… who really cares??? This was the message each and every Mumbaikar, Maharastrian and Indian reflected when Mumbai was under siege under MNS workers… Imagine… how callous we all are when common man is affected… Politicians, the elite groups, educated brigades, media, police officials, and one and all are the same… While one man (Indian) was splitting the nation, we all stood like statues and cowards in total silence. The reason was very simple… When a common man dies… who cares? After all, a common man always lives his life on-the-edge! It hardly makes any difference to the society… Raj, however, forgot that he made Maharastrians (MNS workers) to fight against Maharastrians (Police Force)… It’s the irony of us, Indians! Well, Mumbaikars and every Indian have failed miserably to unite for such a cause, WHY? WHY?

We just cannot see other Indians grow better than us but we will welcome and lick a foreigner’s a** to betray our own Indians… History has seen how the British entered India to rule us for centuries, courtesy those greedy a** licking Indians, who betrayed their own countrymen to be in the good books of the Britishers… Will we ever change? Well, centuries have gone by, the situation remains the same even in our modern days…

It is amazing that ONE person (Raj) can divide the nation into fragments and no one comes forward! Isn’t it an irony that we needed 10 TERRORISTS from Pakistan to UNITE us??? While we can respect and fear the outsiders to unite us as ONE force… it is a real pity that when ONE Indian spits venom to divide our nation, we are just silent spectators to see all the carnage??? Well, this is what we are and should be ashamed of for being selfish and not caring for our nation and fellow countrymen…Truth really bites! The question is… For how long will we see the elite educated groups unite to fight terrorism???

Barely have ten days gone by… the rich and famous are already celebrating various events with a smile on their glossy faces… Do they really care for what has happened in Mumbai or is happening in various parts of India? While the rich and famous were numbed with shock on 26th November, the common man (office goers) resumed office with true dedication towards their companies, some with fear and many with no fear at all the very next day. Life continued as before for the common man, who has been immune to live his life with danger, courtesy – Politicians, underworld dons, corrupt police officials and yes, terrorists.

When 10 Pak terrorists held Mumbai’s elite groups (exception of CST deaths) – TAJ MAHAL HOTEL, TRIDENT HOTEL and LEOPOLD RESTAURANT in bloodshed, almost every scared rich and famous started to shout aloud about “Enough is enough!” What a shame??? However, this time the attack on two five-star hotels have shaken the rich and famous to taste what life offers when death surrounds us. The fear was evident and hence they are crying aloud by lighting candles the American way, shouting in group gatherings showcasing placards saying “ENOUGH!” I really pity each and every one of them because instead of asking for “MORE” they repeat the same cliché – Enough is enough! However, what is more surprising is that the elite groups are disguising their parties by highlighting their ‘dos’ as “TRIBUTE TO THE RECENT ATTACK and LIVES LOST”! They always have a reason to celebrate and party, so what if Indians die… as long as their lives are safe and sound… who really cares????

The media race of TRPs is actually T(otally) R(idiculing) P(eople’s) S(entiments)! No wonder, while the terrorists were creating bloodshed, the inexperienced and experienced anchors and reporters were speculating every single gunshot and blast in the hotels… The callous way of sensationalising the tragedy in a dramatic way and tone was indeed sickening in every single news channels… well, who will bell the cat – MEDIA? While the whole nation were glued to their idiot box, the mindless news channels never realized how few terrorists were taking advantage of their reporting while our forces were having tough time to curb the menace… Will the I & B Minister step in to reign the callous mindless media?

The loopholes of our administrative, security systems and protocols are being splashed day in and day out in print media without any thoughts… do we really care about our own country’s safety? Is Indian media really RESPONSIBLE by highlighting all the loopholes, deficiencies of arms, police staff, and intelligence for every one including the terrorists to know how easy it is to target OUR COUNTRY because of all these information????

Will things change after the 26th November tragedy? Well, your guess is as good as mine and we all know come 31st December, most of Mumbaikars will forget the lives lost and will party hard shamelessly for another New Year… Imagine when our politicians had forgotten so soon to fight for the CM’s post… How can we, the citizen of India be far behind??? Only those, who have lost their near and dear ones, will cry silently to put their lives back in track feeling miserable about what had happened, while others will party hard…

Terrorism = (T)otal (ERROR) (I)n (S)ystem (M)anagement – this is how I would describe the main reasons for global threat… If systems are right, the people running the systems will be right and everything will be in perfect unison. However, SECURITY can never be foolproof… so what if political heads are changed… will the situation improve in any which ways????? Ever since our Independence, we have been fighting for political systems’ failure… the blame game is REPEATED and will be REPEATED in many-many years to come by… After all, we Indians can never think about our country first and about self later!!!

Our politicians and able leaders have proved that even today, we need ONE FOREIGNER (Sonia Gandhi) to UNITE us, Indians by RULING US! Isn’t it an irony my countrymen because our leaders are so very efficient to DIVIDE our nation… Do we really need terrorists to unite us always???

हमारा हिंदुस्तान

हमारा हिंदुस्तान 

मत तोड़ो इस दिल को तुम
नहीं तो हिंदुस्तान बिखर जायेगा 
टुकड़ो को न जोड़ सकोगे फिर 
जब  हिंदुस्तान  मुरझा  जायेगा

न सीचूं इस देश को मासूमो के खून से
जिस देश को सिचां गया है शहीदों के कीमती खून से
क्यों भूल गए हैं हम स्वंत्रता संग्राम को आज
नए संग्राम से हिंदुस्तान टूट कर बिखर जायेगा

भाषा है भिन्न और प्रांत अनेक
देश मगर हम सब का एक
मिलकर हम शांति से रह सके अगर
तो हिंदुस्तान ज़रूर अन्य देशो से बेहतर बन जायेगा!

९ फेब्रुअरी २००८ 

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Where is love
Where is love
Often ask
Those who fall

The sweet talk
The tight embrace
Those stolen kisses
Those beautiful gifts

Where is love
Where is love
Often ask
Those who fall

The night out
The empty halls
Those eyes contact
Moments beautiful

Where is love
Where is love
Often ask
Those who fall

Together forever
Lies of promises
The possessiveness
The pain in separation

Where is love
Where is love
Often ask
Those who fall

Silly fights
Those ego trips
Sulking in separation
Once together

Where is love
Where is love
Often ask
Those who fall

Miserable lives
Tortured in love
Together forever?
To gather for ever...

Johnny D
12th February 2009


Curious as hell I was to meet you
as I had heard so many things about you…

Finally the intrigue feeling turned into joy
as we came face to face…

Of course, I didn’t make the first impression
as you told me later…

Knowing more about each other our bonding strengthen
as days turned into months and months into years…

The envious world got threatened of our proximity
as we shared our lives with no strings attached…

We fought, patched up over trivial issues
as our friendship graduated to a better understanding…

I wonder why the world cannot see two people happy
as they share a pure honest bonding…

I was accused of the most unexpected thing in the world…
The world came crumbling down, oh, what a feeling!!!

Johnny D
14th December 2008