Friday, August 30, 2013


 Deaths, destruction with life shattered forever
No one will live in ‘PEACE’ ever
A piece of ‘PEACE’ was never found
In the rubbles of the power & greed abound

Giving speeches of hope full of lies
They smile over the deaths of the innocents
As tears roll down soaked in blood
They fill their coffers with bloody gold

A piece of ‘PEACE’ was never found
In the rubbles of the power & greed abound…

--- Johnny D ---
30th August 2013

Sunday, August 25, 2013


I have no choice but to be bold
The world I live in, is totally cold
Bullets & Bombs fall like rain from heaven
O’ World we children have no safe haven

--- Johnny D ---
23rd August 2013

Black, bruised, blasted with bombs
We have lost our families to demons’ call
The ‘Greed’ of the few (leaders) will never stop
With no sign of food, all around bodies fall
--- Johnny D ---
23rd August 2013
I lost my family back out there
I still don’t know why military is here
They kill! They loot! They rape lots of women
Protector are they or evil demons
--- Johnny D ---
23rd August 2013
I sell these breads yet I live in hunger
O’ God I have suffered way too longer
The rich get richer over poor’s bodies’ fall
Why have You created the Universe at all?
--- Johnny D ---
23rd August 2013
Destruction of world gets you in the Hall of Fame
O’ Evil Leaders of the World it is so lame
Bush wrecked by deadly bombs our barracks
You enjoy your supper through bloody battle
I sit among the ruins wondering what next?
The White House orders more destruction through text
Our nation was so beautiful and rich
You have killed innocent millions like the bloody witch
--- Johnny D ---
23rd August 2013
The ‘Power’ of Gun is all evil knows
We kill innocent millions to bury in the snow
The World is led by new scientific innovations
To create deadly Weapons of Mass Destruction
--- Johnny D ---
23rd August 2013
My nation lives in hunger, each other we kill
These Guns & Bullets come without a bill
It came from the bushes and the white barracks
In the name of “PEACE” like a fool we battle
--- Johnny D ---
23rd August 2013
It was safe & better to live with the Wild
I know not now, what to say to my child
While we search for food, we have to avoid the bombs
His childhood is shattered because of evil norms
--- Johnny D ---
23rd August 2013
This is the screen of our real lives
Hunger and deaths the world provides
Beyond our windows is there a new world
Where our children can live safe in pure joy?
--- Johnny D ---
23rd August 2013

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


NOTE: English translation is given below the Original...

'डी' आज़ादी की है एक कटु सच्चाई
जहां में है हर कोई बन्दी मेरे भाई

--- जॉनी 'डी' ---
१५ अगस्त २०१३ 

'D' freedom's only bitter truth isIn the World everyone is a prisoner

--- Johnny D ---
15th August 2013


'डी' है ये कैसी आज़ादी हमने पाई
हर जगह है बस तबाही ही तबाही

--- जॉनी 'डी' ---
१४ अगस्त २०१३

Thursday, August 8, 2013

अर्ज है...

दर्द -ऐ -दिल अब मैं क्या बयान करूँ  
एक ही आसरा है अब शब्दों का 'डी'

--- जॉनी 'डी' ---
८ अगस्त २ ० १ ३


Time stopped
The day I lost you!
My heartbeats
I cannot find one!
My eyes
Remain open even in my dreams!

Only you! Only you! Only you!

Every second
I am with you!
I yearn
Your precious company!

Only you! Only you! Only you!

I long
The long wait to end soon!
My love
You and only you can!

Only you! Only you! Only you!

Johnny D
8th August 2013