Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Messages

As thoughts travel to the battlefront
Expecting messages in replies
They shudder and shiver
By the missing bullets and bombs

Sitting in the balcony
Eyes closed, hair raising
The mere thoughts are disrupted
As they return without any messages

Dead bodies all around
There is no one to deliver the messages
As thoughts gather courage
To see the unforeseen scenario

Tears rolling down the eyes
Clenching fists, folded hands
Pray, pray and pray endlessly
For the messages to arrive

The bullets find their targets
The bombs embrace the bodies
Even before the thoughts could reach again
The messages ultimately arrive from the battlefront

Brothers, sons, fathers, uncles, cousins, nephews, husbands, friends, lovers
There are messages of everyone
Happy thoughts dare the inevitable
Anticipating the messages

They arrive! Yes, they do finally
Wrapped in the flags of the nation
The messages are delivered
With great honour in coffins!

- Johnny D

Humans Never Worked On The Small Heart

As you all know that I am journalist, who used to interview stars to earn my living. Once I hired an auto rickshaw, whose driver was an old Muslim guy, wearing all white dress from head to toe and his shining white beard said that he had seen world a great deal. He was surprised by my chaste Hindi and asked me curiously from where I belonged? I told him and as we started our journey to my destination, we got talking about humanity and spiritualism. It was so wonderful that we connected with each other almost instantaneously.

He told me how and why we humans have to suffer so much in our life.” He said, “Please do forgive me sir because I am an uneducated fellow and it may seem that I am boasting of my knowledge. Imagine, what humans’ mind could achieve when they worked on iron? They made big-big ships and aircrafts, which could float on water and fly in air, respectively. When we worked on stones, we were able to build amazing structures like Taj Mahal and Kutub Minar and many more across the world. My son is a computer engineer and he says on computers, in a click, we can get the required information within a second. Isn't it amazing sir? Sadly though sir, we, humans have never worked on this small heart of ours. That is why we see so much hatred, killing, cheating and chaos all over the world.”
I was perplexed by his insight and thanked him for the most beautiful lesson he imparted to me in such a short journey of life. We parted our ways as my destination arrived without even knowing each other’s name. However, while parting we made a promise that we both would look forward to meet each other in future, God willing. As I turned back to look at the auto fellow once again, he had vanished amidst the traffic and I was shaken and touched for his generosity for having touched my life in such a noble way. HEART so small yet so difficult to work on for us, who have conquered nature's abundant sources with great success. However, this small incident surely proved to me that as humans, we have indeed failed to achieve what we were meant to, by the Supreme Power!

- Johnny D

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Just One Smile

Just one smile, if I could leave behind
How wonderful it would be!
Neither would I lose anything
Nor would I gain anything

Simply a smile
Knowing I had left behind
A smile, remembered forever
For making someone real happy!
Just one smile, if I could leave behind
In the everyday struggle of my life

If millions could learn
Just watching the smile
If millions could get enlightenment
Understanding the smile
All the chaos in life
Does it really fetch anything at all?
That is why my friends
Let us leave behind just one smile
In our everyday struggle of life
Just one!

Johnny D

Two Little Plants

Little did they know
When they were born
They would be separated
Travel to distant land
To live a life
Short lived yet with total freedom.

Having been separated from their roots.
Not even bothered
Looking lively
Enjoying every single moment
Standing tall
They are such a beautiful sight!

Everyday I watch them
With delight and amazement
At times in pity
Mostly though, in awe
I envy them
For their fearless living.

Barely a handfull of soil
Is all they have to live with
No sunshine or enough water
To outgrow, like their family members
Their contentment and will
Though, have been so infectious.

Looking at the two little plants
I learnt so much about life
While I saw one dying the other day
The other remained steadfast to live longer
This is how the story ends of the two little plants
Who lived in a small crack of my window sill.

Johnny D


I met him, when he was barely few months old
And then we parted for twenty long months
I had completely forgotten him
Because he was never important to me

After twenty months, we met again
While I couldn’t recognize him
He did in a mere few seconds
And yearned for love from me

Following me everywhere
Wagging his tail left and right
He kept showering his love and attention
Till I gave in to be friends with him once again!

Johnny D


Just like the moon,
You shine so bright
O moonlight…

You have spread a cheer all around
With you radiance & aura
Your beauty & calmness
Your brightness enlightens my dark life!

A life…
That is full of sorrows
My life…
Only if I could understand
You spread…
The happiness in me
Like you do
In this world so selflessly!

I want…
To hold you in my arms
But alas…
Only if I can!

Your radiance…
Is boundless & beauty?
Oh, so soothing!
I am sure you understand
How I feel when I am in your arms!!!

O moonlight…
I love you
I love…
The moon in you

I know…
I can never hold you in my arms
You are boundless beauty
I can only aspire to be with…
All my life!

Johnny D

War War Everywhere?

War war everywhere
Sign of peace
Oh, nowhere!

While they invade
For sake of peace
Mayhem spread
To make a gist

Peace is all
We all wish
But with war
Is there peace?

They sell supply
Arms to crush
In just, they claim
For one and all

Peace will prevail
While they always quote
Busy they are
Counting notes behind closed doors

History says
Oh, my peace!
Where did any one
Find it please?

War war everywhere
Sign of peace
Oh, nowhere!!!

Johnny D

Love! Where is Love?

Looks doesn’t matter any more
As long as you have the moolah
If gifts doesn’t flow in regularly
No matter how much you care
Love! Where is love?

Sparkling diamonds, flashy cars
Designers’ outfits will always define love
How you are in bed
Doesn’t matter any more
Love! Where is love?

I love you
Three little words doesn’t mean a thing any more
Caring and missing each other
Being together for each other
Love! Where is love?

Yearning to be in tight embrace
Passé are the emotions of togetherness
Dried petals of roses
Sweet fragrant long love letters
Love! Where is love?

Those ticking hours
That long wait
Those loving memories
And that lovely togetherness
Love! Where is love?

Emotions built in two hearts
Thoughts transcending as one
Those anticipating moments
Smile capturing souls
Love! Where is love?

Oblivious of the world
Being in each other’s arms
Whispering sweet nothings
Those romantic naughty moments
Love! Where is love?

No matter how the relationship is
Is love all about money?
No matter how rude the person is
Is love just physical pleasure?
Love! Where is love?

Greed seeping in individuals
The emotion is resting in peace
The fast paced life
The faster have the achievers of love become
Love! Where is love?

Johnny D
1st December 2007