Sunday, December 2, 2007

Love! Where is Love?

Looks doesn’t matter any more
As long as you have the moolah
If gifts doesn’t flow in regularly
No matter how much you care
Love! Where is love?

Sparkling diamonds, flashy cars
Designers’ outfits will always define love
How you are in bed
Doesn’t matter any more
Love! Where is love?

I love you
Three little words doesn’t mean a thing any more
Caring and missing each other
Being together for each other
Love! Where is love?

Yearning to be in tight embrace
Passé are the emotions of togetherness
Dried petals of roses
Sweet fragrant long love letters
Love! Where is love?

Those ticking hours
That long wait
Those loving memories
And that lovely togetherness
Love! Where is love?

Emotions built in two hearts
Thoughts transcending as one
Those anticipating moments
Smile capturing souls
Love! Where is love?

Oblivious of the world
Being in each other’s arms
Whispering sweet nothings
Those romantic naughty moments
Love! Where is love?

No matter how the relationship is
Is love all about money?
No matter how rude the person is
Is love just physical pleasure?
Love! Where is love?

Greed seeping in individuals
The emotion is resting in peace
The fast paced life
The faster have the achievers of love become
Love! Where is love?

Johnny D
1st December 2007

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