Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Indian News Channels

They come and go in a flash
Only to be forgotten as trash
Later to be flashed again and again
Increasing viewers unending pains!

Deaths, Rapes, Violence and Political Gimmicks
Are what the channels present as lyrics
Bad, awful, without any substance
There are always topics without any substance

No authorities have any real stance
As trivial issues are given so much importance
Tragedies are sold as hot newsreel
With stupid anchors asking – How do you feel?

Insensitivity and glorifying pains
Have become the rule and mantra for channels’ gains
These news channels have no stopping
One wonders where the world is heading?

Breaking the news is always a break
Through advertisers, channels increase their stake
More than the news there is always a break
With meaningless news, there’s really no take

Crime, Calamities, Catastrophes and Celebrities
Is not all, the channels sell them as news
There are craps like comedy to irritate
With Commercials aplenty, the channels have saturate

Highlighting violence has become the order of the day
Covering celebrities walking to temples “LIVE”, is joke of the day
I often wonders where’s the fourth pillar heading?
As news have become just another commercial products

Gone are the days
When news provided knowledge
And important happenings, all around the world
Today, it has just become the game of TRPs (Television Rating Points)

I strongly feel TRPs stands for
Totally Ridiculing People’s Sentiments
I am sad about the downfall of news
News today, who really cares?

Johnny D

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