Monday, November 26, 2007

The Unrest World

Civilizations were lost
Civilizations were built
The unrest world
Remained intact as ever

From novice hunters
To the barbaric clan
Spreading its tentacles
The unrest world grew at an alarming pace

Inventions, discoveries
The growth of modern civilizations
Still a distant dream is though
Life with comforts!

Hunger, crime, passion
Enhanced the world’s unrest
As each one tries to outdo the other
The never-ending race of unrest begins

Hunger gives birth to crime
As crime became the passion
Bugged by passion
The unrest world overtook comforts

What is that my dear?
We are here to achieve
So what, if we have to pay a little price of unrest!

The race as always will be fought and run
As milestones are achieved with a point of the gun
The unrest world will never know
Where and when this race will ever end?

Johnny D

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