Monday, November 26, 2007

The Force – Child Labour

A lot is being done by various NGOs, while there are lots, who have been exploiting the force. The force is globally known as CHILD LABOUR. Various groups in various measures and ways have exploited children, the world all over. However, what is heartening to note is that, we, as human race have been unable to put a full stop to Child Labour, ever since our existence.

Child Labour is a very common phenomenon in under-developed and developing nations worldwide. However, its presence in the developed nations is right in front of everybody’s eyes and nobody even call them Child Labour. I am talking about Tennis ball boys & girls, who are so prominently seen at US OPEN, FRENCH OPEN, WIMBLEDON and AUSTRALIAN OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS.

Day in and day out, the media splashes one or two cases of Child Labour and abuse, to sell their TV ratings (TRPs) or else publications. Celebrities are often being seen (courtesy media) talking great things to eradicate Child Labour. The reality, however, is just the opposite. In most of the celebrity homes (99%) you will find children of various ages working as maids or errand boys, doing all sorts of dirty jobs for the stars’ family.

There is a very thin line between truth and reality. However, when you know the reality, truth seems to be miles away from the real world of lies! That is the way it is! Orphanages have turned into money minting business in the name of foreign donations, by offering children to paedophiles. Children in these orphanages live in unhygienic conditions, are made to work to earn their bread and butter, and not forgetting, are fed horrible food. No wonder, many children run away from these orphanages to survive on streets rather than give in to the unusual demands of the orphanages’ head.

Pathetic! Gruesome! Awful! These are some of the expressions that are often remarked by the people, who exploit children for their own comforts. What is interesting to note is that these NGOs, which were started by a committed individual to save children from being the force (Child Labour) loses its main objectives, once it grow into a huge organisations. The reality of such NGOs are an eye opener because their swanky offices, high salaries of their staff (to serve human kind was the sole aim of social organizations, not any more though), the limousines of the NGO’s heads, seminars and functions in five star hotels (celebrities would not attend otherwise and how will they get media coverage without celebrities?) – are really hard to believe and be seen.

It is not that we humans don’t know these facts, however, what is surprising is that we have accustomed to overlook these TRUTH in our hypocritical society. NGOs, celebrities, rich and famous and common man have all turned their eyes shut and act or behave as if we all live in a blind world. How do you think we can eradicate this force (Child Labour) on which the whole society is so much dependent? Be it the ball boys in major tennis championships all across the continents, your Chotu chaiwala (small boy serving tea in various offices), akbaarwala (newspaper boys) or else your errand boy, Child Labour is part and parcel of everyday life.

Do we, the society at large really care to eradicate this dreaded disease (dangerous than AIDS) in REALITY? Yes, a mere silence and question mark looms in front of our eyes. Child Labour as the incurable disease starts from the very childhood and it’s our parents, who first exploit us, even before we know the real meaning of the term. Many eyebrows will be raised and many heads will shake in “nays” but then do remember the very first time you bribed your own children or neighbours with a toffee or a shilling (money) to get your errands done? There we go! The truth is miles away from the reality in our world of lies and hypocrisy.

Child Labour is prevalent in every part of the world – the reality, which is the truth of our world. The force (Child Labour) is just impossible to eradicate because the society needs them and have turned a blind eye towards children. Blame the parents, neighbours or else the whole society, CHILD LABOUR is the PARASITE, who delivers a great service (to human kind) and earning to the nations’ economy!
Johnny D

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