Monday, November 26, 2007

There's An Angel


When the chips are down
The goings rough
Individuals break down
To curse their fate

Not knowing what to do next
Feeling all alone
Individuals sulk in solitude
Knowing well, even his shadow has deserted too!

Lifting up his low morale
Showing him number of open doors
All these while
An invisible angel assists him

With the chips all down
Individuals live in complete darkness
Far away from the world
In the big, small world

The angel treads swiftly
Showing the trickle of light
Brightening his dark world
A will to live enlivens the individual

Overcoming obstacles with new confidence
Life starts to roll once again
With the will to strive
The individual excels with a new vigour

Smile takes over the frowns
As failures turn steadily into success
The angel moves aside
As individuals walk again in lost pride

To thank the invisible angel
There are a very few individuals
Maybe difficult but it’s true
There’s an angel always by your side

Johnny D

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