Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Just Today!

They really don’t even care about tomorrow
As they get ready for today
They wait for their master of today
Knowing well, they will get some work to do

Bare minimum are their necessities
Barely are they clad in clothes from head to toes
With a will to excel for today
Their smiles brighten their day

Husband, wife and children
Live their lives fearlessly
Toiling all day long in hot sun
Their sweat earns enough for today

In between the breaks
They relish their meals with contentment
While children play with abandonment
Their parents work selflessly

With really nothing to possess or desired
Seldom will you see such a happy content family
They work, smile and spend the day
As the sun comes down to celebrate their feast

With a handful of money for their day’s work
They buy their food for the day
Singing and cooking with happiness
They celebrate the night as if there is no tomorrow

As they sleep instantaneously
Darkness engulfs them in loving embrace
It is sheer magical moments
As they live for just today!

Johnny D
27th November 2007

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