Sunday, December 9, 2007

Humans Never Worked On The Small Heart

As you all know that I am journalist, who used to interview stars to earn my living. Once I hired an auto rickshaw, whose driver was an old Muslim guy, wearing all white dress from head to toe and his shining white beard said that he had seen world a great deal. He was surprised by my chaste Hindi and asked me curiously from where I belonged? I told him and as we started our journey to my destination, we got talking about humanity and spiritualism. It was so wonderful that we connected with each other almost instantaneously.

He told me how and why we humans have to suffer so much in our life.” He said, “Please do forgive me sir because I am an uneducated fellow and it may seem that I am boasting of my knowledge. Imagine, what humans’ mind could achieve when they worked on iron? They made big-big ships and aircrafts, which could float on water and fly in air, respectively. When we worked on stones, we were able to build amazing structures like Taj Mahal and Kutub Minar and many more across the world. My son is a computer engineer and he says on computers, in a click, we can get the required information within a second. Isn't it amazing sir? Sadly though sir, we, humans have never worked on this small heart of ours. That is why we see so much hatred, killing, cheating and chaos all over the world.”
I was perplexed by his insight and thanked him for the most beautiful lesson he imparted to me in such a short journey of life. We parted our ways as my destination arrived without even knowing each other’s name. However, while parting we made a promise that we both would look forward to meet each other in future, God willing. As I turned back to look at the auto fellow once again, he had vanished amidst the traffic and I was shaken and touched for his generosity for having touched my life in such a noble way. HEART so small yet so difficult to work on for us, who have conquered nature's abundant sources with great success. However, this small incident surely proved to me that as humans, we have indeed failed to achieve what we were meant to, by the Supreme Power!

- Johnny D

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sameer said...

hi john, sameer here.

cool stuff man, ver very insightful and restrospective. i m sure dat everyone will ag accept dis wonderful perspective, we've never worked on our hearts.

just a suggestion. i can scribble it down here, but it shudn't look like i m lecturing u. jus a small suggestion. du lemme know.