Sunday, December 2, 2007

Two Little Plants

Little did they know
When they were born
They would be separated
Travel to distant land
To live a life
Short lived yet with total freedom.

Having been separated from their roots.
Not even bothered
Looking lively
Enjoying every single moment
Standing tall
They are such a beautiful sight!

Everyday I watch them
With delight and amazement
At times in pity
Mostly though, in awe
I envy them
For their fearless living.

Barely a handfull of soil
Is all they have to live with
No sunshine or enough water
To outgrow, like their family members
Their contentment and will
Though, have been so infectious.

Looking at the two little plants
I learnt so much about life
While I saw one dying the other day
The other remained steadfast to live longer
This is how the story ends of the two little plants
Who lived in a small crack of my window sill.

Johnny D

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