Wednesday, February 23, 2011


We wake up only for a while and then go on to the SLEEP MODE
26/11 happened, one day candles burned and then all is forgotten...
Life continues as if nothing has happened...
Ask the people who lost someone dear
Life has changed for them completely though!

Crores and crores are being looted in front of the whole nation...
We talk and discuss for a day shouting aloud
Life goes on as if nothing has happened...
Ask those who are living in hunger and poverty
How do they manage to survive just another day!

Hundreds of poor are dying daily in the nation,
We say sad as if we are really concerned
The next day, life goes on as if nothing has happened...
Ask those how they are struggling day in and day out
To feed their small-small children by staying hungry!

Only when the rich are affected, everyone wakes up
Discussion will go in length and genuine concern reflected
Government will come in action almost immediately...
Ministers will be sacked and action is immediate
The media will shout aloud on and on....

Remember how Rahul Gandhi visited Mumbai...
CM Ashok Chavan turned Mumbai into a fortress
Just to release SRK’s MY NAME IS KHAN?
While in Tembhali village, a remote village in Maharastra
Tribal villagers are surviving hunger eating tamarind leaves

Oh, we discussed at great length about SRK’s film
On and on... for days, months and even now...
Ask any Indian about Tembhali (one such village),
Getting electricity after 63 years of freedom...
Many will say they haven’t even heard about the village

Yes, few may say they have heard because,
The first UID was given to poor tribal villagers by PM
But are we surprised that villages haven’t seen electricity
In the last six and half decades of Independence
UID or electricity and drinking water are more important for living?

Many haven’t even heard about Bundelkhand
Where farmers had to sell their wives to feed their children
Many will never even want to know too
Those who know are silent because it is too inhuman to talk
Ask those farmers who had no option to be pushed to such an extent...

There are many such realities of our nation
To which we all have shut our eyes and conscience
Poor farmers are dying cultivating food for the nation
While the nation purposely allow food grains to rot in open
Ask those who haven’t seen what is wheat or proper food in ages

Life goes on as if nothing has happened...
Everyone will quote the cliché and then forget
Till the next calamity befall on us to teach us a lesson
With so much suffering in the world all around

Johnny D
24th February 2011 

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